Our Classes

Baby Classes

Baby Class (18 months – 3 Years)

Saturdays – 9:00 am till 9:30 am

1/2 hour of fun expressive movement introducing simple ballet steps.

Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the benefits of song and dance.

Baby Ballet provides children with the opportunity to express themseles within a fun, safe and caring environment.

Preparatory Class (4 – 5 Years)

Saturdays – 12:45 pm till 1:30 pm

Students are introduced to Ballet vocabulary and class etiquette and Tap, learning basic steps, both focusing on the development of coordination, strength, flexibility and musicality.

Children learn a level of independance and confidence during classes as well as fundamental Ballet & Tao technique.

Primary Class (6 Years +)

Saturdays – Ballet – 10:10am – 10:10:40am | Tap/Modern Jazz – 10:45am – 11:30am

At this stage most children will be familiar with some of the ballet & tap terminology and would have learnt different arm, feet and body positions and specific tap & ballet steps.

For the first time, children will have the opportunity to train towards an official examination where they can be officially marked by an examiner.

Grade Class (8 Years +)

Saturdays – Ballet 2:10pm – 2:40pm | Tap/Modern Jazz – 2:45pm – 3:30pm

The perfect follow on classes from the Primary Classes

Musical Theatre Class (Juniors Age 4+ | Inters Age 8+)

Saturdays – Junior 12:10 pm – 12: 40 pm | Inters 3:35 pm – 4:05 pm

Watch you child grow in cofience and introduce your child to the wonderful world of Music, Dance and Drama.

Learn songs and dance routines from some of the best known musical theatre productions, whilst working alongside the musical theatre syllabus.

Festival (Competition) Class

Sundays – Juvenile Team (Age 3-6) 9:30am – 10:30am

Junior Team (Age 6+) 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Take part in dance festivals and compete against some of the best contemporary performers in the country?